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Data protection and privacy

Tasks oriented to adapt to current regulations (RGPD / LOPDPGDD)):

– Preparation of risk analysis reports in relation to the main data processing.
– Preparation of all kinds of forms, informative legends, clauses and contracts.
– Development of Impact Assessments (EIPD) in relation to data processing that may have a special impact or importance on the fundamental rights of those affected.
– Drafting of the so-called Treatment Activities Registry (RAT).
– Implementation of a procedure for recording incidents and notification of security breaches.
– Training.


Recurrent legal advice and support for the Data Protection Delegate (DPD) after the adaptation work:

– Resolution of all kinds of queries raised by the DPO.
– Support in the implementation of internal security protocols, policies and plans from a legal point of view.
– Monitoring and follow-up of security breaches that may occur.
– Constant updating of all kinds of documents, clauses and contracts.


Leading of all kinds of administrative and judicial procedures on the matter.

Cybersecurity and ISO compliance through our technology partners.

Special attention to health surveillance, temperature measurement, access to public places and others due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Video surveillance of public access areas.

Regulatory adequacy in terms of teleworking, both in the public and private sector.

Legal and tax advice to startups. search for tax and investment incentives.

Legal issues related to the delivery of services of the information society: Legal adaptation of web pages to regulations on data protection, information society and consumers-users services. Preparation of Legal Notice, Privacy Policies and Cookies and General Conditions of Sale for all types of online businesses. Resolution of controversies regarding domain names. Advice and conduct of procedures before the Mediation and Arbitration Center (OMPI)

Advice on legal protection of software and computer contracts (custom software development, SLA, SAAS, HOSTING …).

Electronic administration: private sector: Advice on legal challenge of all types of actions by electronic means; analysis of validity and effectiveness of resolutions, notifications, executions, etc. Advice on legal effects of incidents in the presentation and registration of documents: system crashes, file limitations, absence of presentation receipts, incidents with the electronic signature. Advice on electronic procurement: tenders (incidents with the Public Sector Procurement Platform), awards (dynamic systems, electronic auctions), etc.)

Electronic administration: public sector: Drafting of ordinances and regulations related to the implementation of electronic administration in any public administrations. Advice on the implementation of services digitization processes, to validate their adaptation to the regulatory framework, to promote functional redesign and to simplify procedures.  Advice on the bidding of services and supplies related to digital law, in order to guarantee the adequacy of the goods and services to the legal framework.

Leading of all kinds of administrative and judicial procedures.

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