Civil Law




Our Civil Law practice area has an extensive team of expert lawyers specialising in various areas of this branch of law, both at national and regional level (Aragon, the Balearic Islands, the “Fuero de Baylío” of Extremadura, Catalonia, Galicia, Navarre, the Basque Country and Valencia).

Advice on acquiring and changing nationality and/or legal residence, declarations for legal purposes that somebody’s whereabouts are unknown and judicial certifications of presumed death, claims and challenges regarding parentage, adoption proceedings, resolution of issues relating to the exercise of parental rights, judicial amendments of the capacity of persons, creation of arrangements for the separate ownership of property, appointments and rendering of accounts of legal guardians, appointments of court-appointed guardians, emancipations, obtaining of court authorisations, execution of pre-marital agreements, execution of different types of wills and the drawing-up of inheritance agreements when legally permitted, unconditional acceptances of inheritance and acceptances on the condition of paying creditors more than the value of the inheritance or with the right to deliberate, marriage proceedings, separations, divorces, church annulments, terminations of arrangements for the joint ownership of property and divisions of estates, etc.

Negotiating, drafting and assisting clients in the execution of any kind of civil-law contract: purchases of moveable and immovable property, leases of rural and urban properties, leases of premises and office space, the creation and establishing of the terms and conditions of arrangements for the joint ownership of property and partnerships, contracts for the execution of works and the performance of services and loans secured by different types of security (mortgage, collateral, security deposit, etc.), etc:.

Review and resolution of any type of issue relating to the acquisition, ownership, transfer and termination of in rem rights (property, time-sharing, usufruct, easements, etc.), as well as any kind of issue relating to the registration of such rights in the applicable registries (first registrations, chain-of-title renewals, entries, rectifications, cancellations, etc.).

Professional advice in the construction sector, both to developers, construction companies and other parties participating in the construction process, as well as to the end purchasers or recipients, irrespective of whether or not they are consumers.

Legal defence in the area of non-contractual liability in health/medical-related matters, resulting from road accidents, hunting accidents and acts carried out by third parties, etc.


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