Despacho de abogados - derecho penal




Defending and prosecuting individuals in criminal cases: Defence in criminal proceedings and filing criminal actions against individuals. Personalised litigation strategy. Regular monitoring and reporting to the client on the evolution of the criminal proceedings initiated. Special monitoring and presence during the investigation phase, the intermediate and trial phases, and the appeals phase. Formation of multidisciplinary teams to handle administrative, regulatory and EU offences, as well as economic and tax violations with the direct involvement of the commercial and tax departments. Transnational offences that require the use of legal instruments of international cooperation, like letters rogatory or European arrest warrants.

Defence and prosecution in criminal proceedings of legal entities. Defence in criminal proceedings and criminal prosecution in connection with the major crimes that correspond to legal entities:

– Fraud

– Criminal insolvency

– Offenses concerning intellectual and industrial property rights, the market and consumers

– Money laundering

– Offences against the Treasury and Social Security

– Crimes against the rights of foreign citizens

– Regional zoning and urban planning offences

– Offences against natural resources and the environment

– Forgery, falsification of credit/debit cards and travellers cheques

– Bribery

– Influence peddling

– Crimes of corruption in international business transactions

– Discovery and disclosure secrets

– Damage to IT systems

– Corporate crime

– Crimes against the rights of workers

– Perverting the course of justice, embezzlement, etc.

Advice and training in criminal risk analysis and the formulation of corporate compliance programmes: Preparation of compliance programmes and preventative actions in the criminal arena. Creation of strategies for the successful development of corporate governance and control of criminal risks. Training of employees and managers.


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