Despacho de abogados - sectores regulados



Telecommunications law. Consultancy services for municipal councils in relation to telecommunications regulations and the conflicts of application; consultancy services for mobile telecom operators in obtaining licences for mobile phone antennas and other telecommunications infrastructure; consultancy services for companies in the sector in obtaining DTT (Digital Terrestrial Telephony) concessions.

Defence in cases wherein sanctions are imposed by municipal authorities, the Inspectorate of Telecommunications, or the Audiovisual Council of Andalusia; administrative and contentious-administrative appeals.

Contract law in energy sectors. Tax issues relating to projects based on renewable energy sources; drafting and reviewing contracts; legal support in handling the requisite procedure before the System Operator and the Market Operator for the sale of electricity on the production market; legal audits for the funding of renewable-energy projects.

Administrative law in energy sectors: Legal support in the processing of administrative authorisations and permits; support in the execution of agreements related to access and connection to transport and distribution networks. Expropriation of land. Registration of rights in the Property Registry. Regulatory, urban-planning, and environmental issues relating to renewable energy. Seeking the advice of and brining conflicts before the National Energy Commission and competent public authorities. Administrative and contentious-administrative appeals.


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