Abogado fiscal - Derecho civil




Pre-litigation advice and legal counsel in all types of court proceedings and arbitrations in civil and commercial matters.

Review of disputes prior to opening of court or arbitral proceedings, advising on the rights and remedies available to the client, either pursuing negotiations to reach an amicable settlement, making use of mediation when this is the wish of the parties or it has been previously agreed by them, or preparing the best possible strategy, making requests, sending notices and preparing evidence, such as notarial instruments, technical reports, etc.

Creation of multi-disciplinary teams, when so required by the company and/or complexity of the matter, in which our specialist litigation lawyers are assisted by experts in those matters which the dispute involves (corporate, financial, real estate, inheritance, etc.).

Legal counsel in national and international arbitrations, both ad hoc and institutional and those conducted by the main Courts of Arbitration.

Legal representation in individual and collective actions, in any kind of non-contentious proceedings and court proceedings (declaratory, special and enforcement), incidental proceedings and appeals (including extraordinary appeals for infringement of procedural rules and appeals of cassation before the Spanish Supreme Court, applications for the protection of fundamental rights before the Spanish Constitutional Court and appeals before the Court of Justice of the European Union), in relation to all types of matters (parentage, separations and divorces; protection of the right to honour, personal privacy and one’s own image; breach of contract of any kind; evictions; construction defects; challenging of corporate resolutions; non-contractual liability in health-related matters, for defective products, road accidents, etc.).

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