Despacho de abogados - Abogados fescales

By Alfredo Álvarez Tello, Honorary Chair of MONTERO|ARAMBURU ABOGADOS

We are aware that when operating in a world as competitive as the legal services industry, only a clear, distinguishing, real and outstanding reputation will continue to drive our success.

That reputation includes being known as a firm that focuses more on clients than on issues; where clients feel welcomed, listened to, cared for, and treated as friends despite the size of the firm or its many offices and employees. At MONTERO ARAMBURU ABOGADOS, our indispensable professionalism and excellence are preceded by the camaraderie and fellowship of our members.

Our professionals balance freedom and responsibility in an environment where teamwork is crucial; where on-going training is essential, and where it is the duty of every employee to be one step ahead of the client in order to offer proactive advice before problems or conflicts arise, so avoiding the cost of having to go to court.

Our expansion is based largely on what clients hear from other clients, on word-of-mouth, and we are determined to continue along that same route.

At our firm, we understand that our members deserve dignified work spaces, the latest hardware and software technology, suitable furniture, and welcoming facilities that directly affect the internal environment, the quality of service, and what truly is our utmost priority: total client satisfaction.

Seville, September 2015

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