Local Law Practice




General administration and administrative procedure: Audit on procedures for adapting Local Authorities to Laws 39 and 40/2015.  Advice in the processing of procedures (liability, penalties, grants). Establishment of electronic administration and processes for administrative simplification. Transparency and good governance.

Organisation and public employment: Drafting of RPTs (Detail of Employment Positions), VPTs (Valuation of Employment Positions), and Manuals on performance. Regularisation of indefinite non-permanent employment, mobility, design of Public Sector Recruitment Offers and Employment Plans.

Public Procurement: Compliance. Preparation of procurement paperwork, PCA and PTT. Advice on award, drawing up and termination of public contracts and economic-financial re-equilibrium.

Town Planning: Advice on the drafting of Ordinances and Zoning (in all of its typologies) and town planning Management (Management Committees, Compensation Boards). Town planning discipline, SAFO declaration, reestablishment of legality, licences, action projects. Compulsory purchase orders/expropriation in all of its stages.

Commercial: Advice to Commercial Companies and Municipal Public Companies. Insolvency proceedings of municipal companies, of their integration or dissolution, and liquidation. Merger of municipal companies or creation of holdings.

Representation and defence at court: of the company itself and of its members, in all the jurisdictional spheres: civil, criminal, social and contentious-administrative.

Environment: Drafting of Environmental By-Laws (water, energy, waste, mobility, landscape and open spaces…).  Projects on Sustainable Mobility, of Improvement to Waste Collection and Management, on the Creation and Fitting Out of Urban Open Spaces and Landscapes, of Management of Light Pollution and of Ecoinnovation.  Energy Saving and Efficiency Schemes, and of Carbon Footprint Reduction. Pedestrianisation Studies. Implanting Municipal Environmental Management Systems. .

Economic-Budget Management: Advice on budget planning (drafting, amendment, approval, execution, liquidation …), and of economic-financial planning or adjustment plans.  Drafting of Provision of Funds Plans.  Advice on the Management, Collection and Inspection of local taxes.  Drafting of by-laws, economic-financial reports for accompanying rates, study on the rates costs or public tariffs …


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