Planning and advisory for international transactions: acquisition and finance corporate structures, corporate and asset reorganisations, mergers and acquisitions.

Tax planning for inbound investments to Spain and the internationalisation of Spanish companies, including:

– Incorporation of companies or assistance in the acquisition of companies.

– Advice for expatriates and inpatriates.

– Tax planning strategies related to remuneration of employees and executives.

– Profit repatriation strategies.

– Tax planning for divestment.

– Assistance for international double taxation relief.

– Tax analysis of transfer pricing on cross-border transactions.

– Design of transfer pricing policies.


Tax advice for athletes and artists, as well as for leisure and sports clubs.

Advice on the formalisation of advanced pricing agreements on related-party transactions.

Structures for the management and transfer of intangible assets.

Foreign investment structures for real estate located in Spain.

International investment structures through Spanish holding companies.

EU tax advisory and monitoring of EU legislative developments and jurisprudence from the European Court of Justice (ECJ).

Preparation of tax return filings according to EU Law. 


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