Abogado fiscal - Derecho del deporte



Specialised consulting in Sports and Entertainment Law combined with general, more prevalent areas of law: commercial, taxation, employment and administrative law.

Specific consulting for athletes and sports agents including, among other matters, legal and contractual relationships, regime and disciplinary procedures (penalties and doping), tax and estate planning, employment relationships, use of image rights, court proceedings for any legal matter, arbitration proceedings (CAS – TAS) and the execution of management and agent contracts.

Consulting for sports clubs, companies, associations, federations, and sociedad anónima deportiva (public limited sports companies), etc., including, among other matters, regulation of their legal status and operating regime, relationships with the various public authorities, employment and social security matters, tax planning and optimisation, accounting, execution of sponsorship and trademark agreements, assistance and intervention within the framework of contractual and extracontractual liability, and defence in criminal proceedings.

Consulting for individuals and companies involved in the entertainment and leisure industries (artists, film and television producers, recording labels, agents, etc.) including, among other matters, tax planning and tax incentive optimisation, trademark agreements and protection, copyright and intellectual property rights, merchandising and image contracts, personal data protection, out-of-court conflict resolution, defence in disciplinary-administrative and criminal proceedings.


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