MONTERO|ARAMBURU ABOGADOS is an active institution that continually seeks highly qualified and committed professionals to join our teams, where human interaction supersedes strictly professional relations.

Camaraderie, loyalty, openness, enthusiasm, and the desire to actively participate are—in conjunction with intellectual prowess and professional qualifications—the credentials that MONTERO|ARAMBURU ABOGADOS demands.


Theoretical expertise

While an outstanding academic record facilitates incorporation at MONTERO|ARAMBURU ABOGADOS, it is neither necessary nor sufficient. More critical for these purposes is the extent of a candidate’s expertise in the various legal specialties through post-graduate studies (masters, public exams, internships at other firms, etc.).

Interpersonal skills

Theoretical knowledge is of little use without the ability to express oneself in a clear, orderly, and concise manner, both verbally and in writing.

Attitude and skills

Individualism, though great, is not conducive to our approach at MONTERO|ARAMBURU ABOGADOS. The ability to work as part of a team, the drive to improve oneself and the firm, initiative and creativity, listening skills, and the desire to achieve the proper balance between career, family, and leisure are values advocated by the firm.


English proficiency is required to join MONTERO|ARAMBURU ABOGADOS, as it is used on a daily basis at the firm. Other languages, particularly German and French, are considered are also valued favourably.

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