Fernández-Palacios Abogados
In an effort to strengthen the legal practice and satisfy the growing demand of its clients, in January 2010, MONTERO ARAMBURU ABOGADOS signed a collaboration agreement with this reputable firm, specialised in this area of legal expertise and that is comprised a team of highly motivated and technically qualified lawyers who were eager to join a multidisciplinary team, the hallmarks of which are human relations and personalised customer service.
Under this partnership, FERNÁNDEZ-PALACIOS ABOGADOS obtained a major avenue to growth on all levels, while MONTERO ARAMBURU ABOGADOS obtained a team of professionals with solid experience, with local market expertise, and the personal prestige of a name that is an undisputable benchmark in the field of Industrial Property thanks to the work of Luis Javier Fernández-Palacios.

FERNÁNDEZ-PALACIOS ABOGADOS also contributes global contacts to the partnership, for the management and administration of trademarks beyond our borders, and a team of professionals who—in quality if not quantity—are on par with the professional and technical excellence of MONTERO ARAMBURU ABOGADOS. 

FERNÁNDEZ-PALACIOS ABOGADOS is the leading firm in Andalusia specialising in Industrial and Intellectual Property and New Technologies. Founded by Luis Javier Fernández-Palacios (q.e.p.d.) and currently headed by lawyers Emilio Hidalgo Hernández and Rafael Jiménez Díaz, FERNÁNDEZ-PALACIOS ABOGADOS offers advisory services to medium and large companies, both nationally and internationally.

Sevilla, Plaza de la Magdalena, nº 9-4º
Tel.: +34 954 214 888
Fax: +34 954 213 966

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