Purificación Pujol Capilla

Purificación Pujol Capilla
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Degree in Law from the Universidad Central of Barcelona, being awarded “outstanding” for her achievements in research.

PhD “cum laude” in Civil Law from the Universidad Central of Barcelona.

Postgraduate studies in Catalan Civil Law.

Masters in Public Registry Law from the Association of Registrars of Barcelona.

She is a member of the Madrid Bar Association (membership no. 69493).


Director of the “Jurister Civil” and “Jurister Penal” Masters of the Escuela de Técnica Jurídica (ETJ)

Professor in Litigation Law on the Masters for Admission to the Bar, at the Rey Juan Carlos University, the Complutense University, the University of Alcalá de Henares and the Europea University (Madrid).

Professor in Civil Procedure Law on the Masters in Legal Practice of the Madrid Bar Association.

Professor in Civil Procedure Law at the Centro Universitario Villanueva of the Complutense University (2002-2004).

Coordinator and professor of the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED) at the Centro de Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Barcelona (1993-1997).

She was a UNED professor and tutor on the course “Basic Legal Notions” for four years and professor in Civil Procedure Law at the Centro Universitario Villanueva of the Complutense University for two academic years.


In 1989 she founded the law firm Jané&Pujol in Barcelona, where she practised as a lawyer until November 1997, when she was appointed as judge of Aranjuez, being responsible for the courts of Navalcarnero, Colmenar Viejo, Móstoles and Leganés until 2005.

In 2005 she was appointed judge of the city of Madrid, where she has been serving as judge at the Examining Magistrates’ Courts, the Criminal Courts, the First Instance Courts, the Labour Courts, the Family Courts, the Commercial Courts and the Contentious-Administrative Courts.

Throughout her twenty-seven years as a practising lawyer, she has led proceedings in all types of courts and as a judge has delivered over fifteen thousand rulings (orders and judgements), including in high-profile and financially significant cases.


She has published six manuals and monographs, almost all of which are related to the conduct of lawyers in the courtroom:

  • As author: “La Compraventa con pacto de Sobrevivencia” (“Purchase agreements with survival clauses”). Publisher: J.M Bosch, 2004; “Guía de comportamiento en las actuaciones judiciales” (A guide to conduct in court proceedings”). Publisher: La Ley. December 2007; “Manual de Actuaciones en sala: técnicas practicas del Proceso Civil” (“Manual on proceedings in the courtroom: practical techniques in civil procedure”). Publisher: La Ley, July 2012.
  • As co-author: “Manual de Actuaciones en los Procesos de Familia” (“Manual on Proceedings in Family Law Cases”). Publisher: La Ley, October 2013; “Manual de Actuaciones en sala: Técnicas prácticas del Proceso Penal” (“Manual on proceedings in the courtroom: practical techniques in criminal procedure”). Publisher: La Ley, May 2014; and “La prueba en la era digital” (“The evidence in the digital age”). Publisher: Wolters Kluwe, 2017.
  • As coordinator: “Manual del Proceso Civil”(“Manual on Civil Procedure”). Publisher: Lebfrve, 2017

In September 2014 she published the work entitled “La nueva prueba digital” (“The new digital evidence”), this time with the publisher SEPIN, and in November 2015 she published her latest work entitled “Guía para prevenir la responsabilidad penal de la empresa” (“Guide to preventing corporate criminal liability”). Publisher: ARANZADI.

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