Manuel Castañón del Valle / Ecovalia


In an agreement with MANUEL CASTAÑÓN DEL VALLE, MONTERO ARAMBURU ABOGADOS provides advisory services focusing on environmental law to the members of ECOVALIA (Asociación de Valor Ecológico), an association that promotes ecological production comprised several companies and producers dedicated to this specialised activity.
Advisory services are provided under the terms of the Collaboration Agreement signed by the Firm and Sevillan lawyer MANUEL CASTAÑÓN DEL VALLE on 25 October 2013, wherein both parties may render legal services directly to the companies that request such under the continuous and direct supervision of Manuel Castañón del Valle.
MONTERO ARAMBURU ABOGADOS complements Manuel Castañón del Valle’s legal services by offering its cooperation and legal assistance under technical supervision, except in those disciplines in which ECOVALIA and its members request legal advice.
Seville, Avda. República Argentina 24, 13º
Tel.: +34 954 991 266 / 056 Fax: +34 954 990 185



Law degree from the Universidad de Sevilla (1988-1993).

Head lecturer in environmental law for the Seville Bar Association.

Author of nine books and more than 40 articles about the changing environment.

European Union representative for the World League of Environmental Lawyers.

Academic committee member for several national and international journals on Environmental Law.

Collaborator on legal environmental issues for the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP).

Member of a group of legal experts on the Environmental Law Commission of the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature).

Medal of academic merit from the Faculty of Law at Mexico’s Universidad Nacional Autónoma.

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